Spirit Lake Whereabouts Unknown beneficiaries

September 24, 2020

Greetings everyone. 

The Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations will soon be offering fair market value to landowners of the Spirit Lake Nation.  If you voluntarily choose to sell your ownership interest, the interest will be transferred to the Spirit Lake Tribe, which helps reduce fractionation and keep Indian lands in trust. 

The Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) is looking for the following Whereabouts Unknown (WAU) individuals. OST maintains an Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account for these individuals that has either cash, land or both in the account. 

If you know the whereabouts of anyone on the list, we would like to speak with you.  You can call the Trust Beneficiary Call Center at 1-888-678-6836 to update your information or call our local OST office at (701) 477-3828.  Very important or you won’t receive an offer if your address is not updated.

For more information on the Land Buy-Back Program, please go to  Thank you.