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Update your address if you want to sell your land.
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Call the Trust Beneficiary call center at 1-888-678-6836 with questions, to update your address, or to register as an interested seller.

Since it began making offers in 2013, the Land Buy-Back Program has restored the equivalent of nearly 1.9 million acres of land to tribal governments. The Program was created to implement the historic Cobell settlement -- bearing the name of its lead plaintiff Elouise Cobell -- that awarded $3.4 billion to tribes, settling hundreds of years of trust mismanagement by the federal government.  Elouise Cobell died in October 2011, and was recently, posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The principal goal of the Buy-Back program is to reduce the number of fractional land interests through voluntary sales that place purchased interests into trust for tribes. These transfers consolidate trust land bases for conservation, stewardship, economic development, or other uses deemed beneficial by sovereign tribal nations.


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