Spirit Lake Tribe Job List

Clinical Social Worker, Spirit Lake Health Center, open until filed

Medical Lab Technician, Spirit Lake Health Center, open until filled

Licensed Pratical Nurse, Spirit Lake Health Center, open until filled

Licensed Addiction Counselor, Spirit Lake Recovery & Wellness, open until filled

Compliance Officer, Spirit Lake Health Center, open until filled

Tiwahe Case Manager, Tribal Social Services, open until August 2, 2017


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Other Positions Currently open at SL Health Center: Job Descriptions will be attached later.

Chief Operations Director -  posted on website
Pharmacist - Open Position
Chief Dentist - Open Position
Pharmacy Technician - Open Position
Podiatrist - Open Position
Dental Hygienist - Open
Position Medical Technologist - Open Position
Nurse Practitioner 1 - Open Position
Nurse Practitioner 2 - Open Position
Medical Officer (2 positions) - Open Positions
Maintenance Worker - Open Position
Nurse Specialist-Case Manager - In selection process

BIA Office of Justice Services

Information Needed
Screening Questionaire
Correctional Officer GL-0007
Police Officer GL-0083
School Resource Officer GL-0083
Law Enforcement Specialist GS-0301
Law Enforcement Assistant GS-0303
Telecommunications Equipment Operator GS0390
Cook WG-7404
Food Service Worker WG-7408