Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Chairperson: Lonna Jackson-Street

Vice-Chair/Mission District Representative: ReNa Lohnes

Woodlake District Representative: Kooper Longie

Fort Totten District Representative: Kim Three Irons

Crow Hill District Representative: Darren Walking Eagle

Mission District Representative: ReNa Lohnes.

Tribal Secretary/Treasurer: Charmayne Bohanon

The Spirit Lake Tribe consists of four (4) districts; Mission, Woodlake, Fort Totten, and Crowhill. Tribal members living in each district is as follows:

Mission District         692

Woodlake District     266

Fort Totten District   947

Crowhill District        164

Total enrolled members living on the Spirit Lake reservation is 2,069. These numbers represent the enrolled members who have their current physical address updated with the Enrollment Office. As of January 2021, we have a total enrollment of 7,559 members.

The main Tribal government and departments are currently housed in the Tribal Community Center building, or what we call The Blue Building. The Blue Building has the Tribal Council offices, Enrollment Office, Motor Vehicle department, and TERO/Tax department. The Finance, Human Resource, and MIS departments also have offices in the Blue Building. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), also have their office in the Blue Building along with the Tribal Health department. Other programs in the Blue Building are Tribal Realty, Loans & Collections, and Tribal EPA.

There are other Tribal Entities on the reservation; Sioux Manufacturing Corporation, Spirit Lake Housing Corporation, Cankdeska Cikana Community College, Four Winds Community School, Tate Topa Elementary & Middle school, Spirit Lake Casino & Resort, Tokio General Store, Paul’s Grocery, and Luis Café. Spirit Lake Tribe does have a radio station, KABU 90.7; tune in when you are in the area.

The Spirit Lake Tribe has several denominational churches that server the Spirit Lake Tribe and surrounding area. We have Seven Dolors Catholic Church located in Fort Totten. Crowhill has St. Jerome’s Catholic Church. St. Michael’s Catholic Church in located in the Mission district. In the Woodlake District we have Christ the King’s Catholic Church, Dakotah Oyate Lutheran Church, and Bdecan Presbyterian Church, the only Dakota Presbyterian church in ND. Established Fall 1879. Also in Woodlake is the Spirit Lake Ministry Center. There is also the Spirit Lake Assembly of God Church and Dakota Baptist Church in Fort Totten.

For the tourists; there is fishing on Spirit Lake in the summer months which you can continue until the end of winter. You can also visit the Fort Totten State Historic Site located in Fort Totten and which the people of Spirit Lake call ‘The Square.’ Sullys Hill National Game Preserve near Fort Totten has a herd of North American Bison, prairie dog town, scenic outlooks and a Visitor Center.

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