Internet Service for families with children enrolled in area schools

October 20, 2020

“Between October and December 2020, Spirit Lake families with children enrolled in area schools and who are unable to afford Internet will be eligible to sign up for Internet from NDTC. Bills will be in the tribe’s name during that time period. Equipment will be on a rental basis and must be returned to NDTC upon termination of services. Only Internet services will be available through this program, it does not cover NDTC TV or Phone services. To continue services after this period (December 2020), we are hoping to transition all accounts to the household owner. To apply for these assistance services, fill out this application as soon as possible and return to Peter Owlboy Jr, or 701-230-7288.

“If you currently have NDTC internet services or another provider’s internet services, you will not be eligible for this assistance at this time. If you have previous overdue balances at NDTC, this will not prevent restoration of services, as the account will be in Spirit Lake Tribe’s name during the time period above. However, upon transition back to the customer name, that bill will need to be paid prior to services being transferred. Those bills are the responsibility of the customers. If this is the case, services will be disconnected at that time, and any equipment will need to be returned to NDTC. Any household not returning leased equipment will be fully responsible for the price of the equipment. If you need help coordinating this, please contact Peter Owlboy at 701-230-7288.”