Emergency Management

Spirit Lake Emergency Management's job is to help the community and if possible protect property in the event of any disaster. Although we cannot prevent a natural disaster from occurring, we will work with law enforcement, fire department, and ambulance if that should happen. We are also available 24 hrs. and 7 days a week.

If a disaster does occur, we'll do our best to let the public know right away. If needed, we will provide water, food, blankets, and cleaning supplies. We also designated areas for each district to go to in case of an emergency disaster (i.e. flood, power outage etc.). And that is each districts' Wellness Cnters.

To save lives' and protect property in the event of a disaster.

Contact Information:

Emergency Manager - Michael Alex Sr. (701) 766-1706

Spirit Lake Police Department - (701) 766-4231

Spirit Lake Fire Department - (701) 766-4222

Spirit Lake Water Resource - (701) 766-1209

B.I.A Roads Department - (701) 766-4432

Sioux Utilities - (701) 766-1010

Spirit Lake EMS - (701) 766-4223

Poison Control Center - 1800-222-1222


Ways To Prepare

Make a plan - get together with your family and discuss where everyone will meet if a warning is issued. Make sure everyone knows what to do if one of the members is not home during that time. But most importantly, always have a Plan B! Figure out a way to contact one another if everyone is separated.

Store important essentials -  This would include water, food, and blankets. But also include important documents such as insurance, birth certificates, social security card and a little extra money if you could.

A disaster can happen at ANY time, so to be on the safe side it is better to ALWAYS be prepared for the unexpected.