Employment & Training

Spirit Lake Nation
Employment & Training Program
Peter Black Memorial Building
PO Box 344
Fort Totten, ND 58335
Phone: 701-766-1200
Fax: 701-766-1236

Jolene Crosswhite - Director
Antoinette Nelson - Admin Assistant
Roanna DeMarce - GA Case Manager
Lacey Fox - GA Case Manager
Wayne Black - GA Case Manager
Cheryl Belgarde - Education Case Manager
Michelle Hillebrand - Assistant Programs Manager
Leona LaRoque - Child Care Case Manager
Bentley Greybear - Tiwahe Case Manager
Jewel Azure - Tiwahe Family Cultural Case Manager
Adriane Littlewind - Training Specialist
Joy Yankton - LIHEAP Coordinator
Diana Azure - Liheap Intake Specialist
Alicia Leftbear - Transportation Coordinator
Jennifer Longie - Transportation Dispatcher
Loretta Delorme - Driver
Joseph Sherman - Driver
Janice Roulette - Driver

477 Application  10/02/20

All applications and supporting documents should be emailed to:


Supportive Services Checklist

Higher Education Checklist



P.L. 102-477, The “Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992” enabled the Tribe to consolidate certain formula funded employment, training related services programs into a single program.


These Tribal programs were integrated to improve the effectiveness of these services and reduce joblessness on the Spirit Lake Nation.


Program Activities

Program Orientation

Job Search Training

Job Retention Skills Training

Job Survival Skills Training

Job Club


Child Care

Child care assistance is available to those individuals who are income eligible that are currently working or attending college. We also offer child care licensing to become a Child Care provider.


Supportive Services


Work Tools and Clothing

School Supplies and Clothing



Educational Services

Higher Education, GED, and Basic Education; Vocational Education as defined by post high school institution; Short Term training for job specific; Other, as approved by case manager.

  • Higher Education is money for undergraduate students who are seeking a two (2) year or four (4) year college degree
  • Higher Education students are eligible for up to five (5) years of funding depending on their term GPA.
  • Vocational students are eligible for up to 24 months of funding depending on their term GPA. A student’s term GPA must be a 2.00 or better each semester to remain eligible.
  • The program does not fund part-time or summer students.
  • The students must be PELL eligible


Youth Services

Work based and school based training for youth ages 14-21 during summer months.



The transportation program provides rides to community members. The cost is $1 per ride. A $20 ticket may be purchased at the Employment & Training Office.


General Assistance

Financial Assistance provided to meet individuals basic needs. Requirements:

  • Enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe.
  • Be single or a family unable to qualify for the state’s TANF program
  • Have exhausted the person or family’s time limits under the state’s TANF program and have a good faith effort to find work
  • Awaiting transition into long-term disability through Social Security applications


Tribal NEW

The Tribal NEW Program will provide services to Native American TANF recipients who have completed high school or GED and are enrolled in college full-time.


Rights of Program Participant

477 have standards that protect you. You do not have to:

  • Give up your TANF benefits to take training;
  • Travel unreasonable distance for employment & training;
  • Start work or training without adequate child care arrangements and other necessary support services; and
  • Take a job/training that is hazardous to your health.