Spirit Lake Planning


Spirit Lake Tribal Planning Department
P.O. Box 359
Fort Totten, ND 58335
Phone: 701 766-1700
Fax: 701 766-1713

Brenda Robertson -- Grants Administrator
Ryan Brown -- EDA Planner
Marva Tollefson -- Project Coordinator

The purpose of the planning office is to research and explore all funding resources, collaborate and coordinate with local, state and federal agencies, educate, training (as needed) and provide an avenue for technical assistance to the improvement of economic conditions for our community.

Services provided by the Spirit Lake Nation Planning Department (Office):

  • Grand Writing
  • Assistance (TA) to programs with grant writing (customer service)
  • Office should be central warehouse for all planning efforts (need digitized capabilities and central server for the tribe)
  • Strategic Planning efforts with local workgroups (Conservation, Tourism, Housing, Strike-for, etc.)
  • Research Economic Development opportunities for workforce development, business development, etc
  • Tribal Data Resource Program (demographics and statistics)
  • Presentation for community (community empowerment)
  • Participation on the CONAC committee (community development)
  • Identification of potential capital projects (i.e. old hospital, old clinic, old bus barn, etc.) green buildings.
  • Renewal Energy - Wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectricity, etc.
  • Policy draft, changes, updates, revision, amendments, etc. for Council review and approval
  • Planning Management/training/finance.
  • Housing/historic preservation

Scoping Meeting Form
Grant Pre-Approval Application Form
Grant Final Approval Application Form
Grant Policy

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