Spirit Lake Tribal Court

Spirit Lake Tribal Court
708 3rd Ave
PO Box 30
Fort Totten, ND 58335
(701) 766-4244, 766-4750
Fax:  (701) 766-4776

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Criminal Adult Court Arraignments
Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00pm
Fridays at 10:00am


Public Service Type Announcement:

Regardless of the amount owed to the Tribal Court and the corresponding bond currently listed on any existing Arrest Warrant for Failure to Pay fines and fees: 

Upon the payment of $100 towards outstanding fines and/or fees and continued agreement to pay $50/month thereafter until paid in full, the Court will pull any existing Arrest Warrant(s) and put off moving forward with any future Arrest Warrant(s) for Failure to Pay.  This offer will remain in effect for the next thirty (30) days.

By being proactive, people can avoid being arrested AND have the amount to be paid before being released (if they were arrested) potentially substantially reduced from $XXX.XXX to $100.


Due to covid-19, public access to the courthouse is severely limited.

Only individuals who absolutely must be allowed in the Courthouse will be allowed in.  If it is not an emergency and/or your business can be conducted over the phone, email or regular mail, we are asking that the public make every attempt to utilize those options.

You can find most information, including staff names, emails and numbers (for some staff) at our website:

If you are here to pay fines, fees, bonds, etc…, during working hours, please call the courthouse at the number below and we will give you instructions on when and how to deliver your money order and collect your receipt.  If you are paying a bond after hours, call the Fort Totten Police Department and/or Corrections at:  701-766-4231 or 701-766-4049 and they will make arrangements with one of our staff to collect the bond. 


If you are here for any hearing other than a criminal trial, absent an objection, you can and will be expected to appear via phone at the below GoTo Meeting numbers:

Spirit Lake Tribal Court is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Spirit Lake Tribal Court

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 691 980 8209

Passcode: 7664244

Dial in:  1 312 626 6799


Family/Juvenile Court is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Family/Juvenile Court Meeting Room

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 798 416 5770
Passcode: 7664244

Dial in:  1 312 626 6799


If you are here to file EMERGENCY custody paperwork, please contact Spirit Lake Social Services so that the “emergency” can be reported and investigated prior to filing your custody papers.  Phone:  701-766-4404.

Court Staff

Chief Judge - Joseph Vestch
Cell:  701-351-0371

Associate Judge - William D. Cavanaugh

Tribal Court Administrator - Arlene Belgarde

Community Service Coordinator - Brittany Iceman
Drug Testing Coordinator - Brittany Iceman

Prosecutor - Jeff Diemert
Cell:  701-535-0093

Civil Clerk of Court - Leola White

Adult & Juvenile Public Defender - Breanna Delorme
Cell:  920-312-1991

Criminal Clerk of Court - Martina Morgan
Cell:  701-350-2427

Family/Juvenile Court Clerk - Kari Walking Eagle

Juvenile Intake/Probation Officer - Danielle Bartlett

Juvenile Presenter - Kelly Swenseth
Office:  701-662-5058

Process Server/Bailiff - Mike Leaf
Cell:  701-230-9238

Data Entry Clerk - Fawnda Solwey

General Court Email:

Filing Fees


SLT Constitution

Spirit Lake Tribal Court consists of:

Adult Criminal Division
Civil Division
Juvenile/Family Court
Traditional Court

Holidays Observed (Pursuant to Spirit Lake Personnel Policies Manual):

New Year's Day Native American Day
Martin Luther King Day Columbus Day
Presidents' Day Thanksgiving Day
Good Friday (1/2 day) Veteran's Day
Easter Monday  Christmas Day
Memorial Day Birthday Holiday
Independence Day  Tribal Elections
Labor Day Annual Fort Totten Days Pow Wow

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