Management of Information Systems

MIS Director -- Marshall DeMarce -- 701-381-0706
MIS Technician -- Maurice Alberts -- 701-381-0707

Mission Statement

The mission of the Management of Information Systems (MIS) department is to provide information technology resources that support and enhance the mission and activities of the Spirit Lake Tribe.

Vision Statement

The MIS department leads Spirit Lake Tribe in the adoption and strategic application of technology.  The MIS department serves the Spirit Lake Tribe in a way that is effective, efficient, service-oriented, ethical and visionary.  The MIS department assists the Spirit Lake Tribe and Tribal Programs in incorporating technology changes with minimum disruption in a manner that identifies and exploits opportunities.


  1. Direct the operations of computer and related equipment, including telecommunications and data networks
  2. Develop transitional plans for acquisitions and installation of equipment
  3. Assist program/department directors in the selection and setup of MIS equipment and applications
  4. Keep abreast of new developments and trends and make recommendations to management on desirable additions or replacements
  5. Advise managers concerning IT trends, technical problems, need for equipment, need for software upgrades and priorities
  6. Manages interface throughout the Tribe with the Internet
  7. Responsible for IT equipment, network system and telecommunication activities within the Spirit Lake Tribe

Spirit Lake Tribe MIS Policies